Groninger Biologen Duikvereniging Calamari is a student diving club which is focused on the underwater life. Many of our members are biologists, but anyone who's interested in diving and the underwater life is welcome to join. The only requirement for membership is that you study at the University of Groningen or Hanze Hogeschool.

Diving and training

The period we go diving is between March and October. We dive in the area of Groningen and Drenthe and we go to Zeeland, in the south of Holland. Trips to Zeeland are organised five times a year and last a weekend. Besides our diving activities we have two swim trainings a week on Wednesday 18:30 and Thursday 21:15.


There are two forms of membership: member and donor.

Members must hold an ACLO card. They are free to join our swim training twice a week, to join our trips and are allowed to use the club's diving equipment. Donors are welcome to join our diving trips and can hire equipment. All Calamari divers must be member of the Dutch divers union, the NOB.

Prices are indicated as follows:



€42,00 NOB fee





€42,00 NOB fee



The course to become a "1 star diver", i.e. "open water diver" costs an additional €52,50.

The course to become a "2 star diver", i.e. "advanced diver" costs an additional €42,50.

The course to become a "3 star diver", i.e. "dive master" costs an additional €62,50.



Are you interested in joining te club, like to come watch sometimes first or need more info? Please contact us by clicking here.






Wist je dat...

...je met Calamari minstens vijf keer per jaar in het mooiste duikwater van Nederland duikt? Ga mee op onze duikweekenden en ontdek de Grevelingen en de Oosterschelde!

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