Board 2019-2020


Chairman Manon den Haan
Secretary Carine Schilte
Treasurer Kim Schoenmakers
Activity Commissar Josephine Faber
Equipment Commissar Martijn Langeveld
Commissar of internal affairs Lisa Schleijpen

To whom, for what?

This is a short overview about how the club is run on an orgasational level.


Policy: internal and external representation; In charge of board and general member assemblies; Making sure the statutes are followed; Final responsibility for commissions.

Job description: The Chair maintains contact and coordinates the tasks of the board and the commissions. He/She leads the board and general member assemblies. Last but not Least the Chair is responsible for the following of the statutes, regulations and decisions of the club.


Policy: Memberadministation, to take minutes, reacting to the mail

Job description: The secretary checks all the post and emails, orders educational materials and processes the membership of members and guests. During meetings he/she takes minutes.


Policy: financial administration, manages cash flow

Job description: The Treasurer is resoponsible for everything that  has to do with money. Payment of contribution, activities and declerations of costs made for the Club.

Activity Commissioner

Policy: organisational activities

Job description: The Activity Commisar organises clubactivities such as diving camps, diving holiday, other excursions and together with the COT the course weekends.

 Equipment Commissioner

Policy: Ordering of new equipment and servicing of current, in charge of the key.

Job description: The Equipment Commissar is in charge of procuring, maintenance and replacement of club material and also manages equipments storage facility.

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