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If you think you'd enjoy becoming an active member of our club, one way of doing that is joining a committee. It's fun, informative and invaluable for the club! Many members are active in one or more committees. Our committees give a yearly report of their activities during the General Members Meeting.

Activity committee (AC)

The activity committee organizes activities like the introduction period, 'Springtijborrels' and trips for members, under supervision of the Activity Commissioner. If necessary, they also support the activity commissioner to make sure the diving weekends go smoothly.

Blunder committee

It is this committee's task to keep track of the perhaps most doubtful competition. Thorough and completely fraud free, all blunders made during Calamari activities are scored. The blunder trophy is handed out to the person who has gathered the most points during the autumn members meeting.

Committee for education and training (COT)

The COT is formed by club instructors and manages the contents of the tutorials in the swimming pool and open water. This committee is led by the education and training commissioner.

Underwater hockey committee (OWHC)

The underwater hockey committee is responsible for everything regarding underwater hockey, like the contents of their training and making sure the competition days go as planned.


The PDactie is the editorial office of the 'Periodiek Duikje' (PD), the clubs magazine, which is published three times a year. Do you enjoy writing something or messing around with design? The PDactie can always use new members! If you're interested, feel free to contact us! 

Science committee (WC)

The science committee is the 'B' in  G.B.D. Calamari. Perhaps unique to Calamari is our high interest in life underwater. Because if you know what you can find underwater, you'll find more, which makes diving even more enjoyable. Because of that, the science committee organizes a yearly course in underwater biology (the OWBO, currently only in Dutch), which is accessible to non-members as well. In addition to that, they organize presentations during diving weekends, lectures, fun movie nights and more. 

Treasury committee

The treasury committee checks the financial transactions of the board by using the clubs financial accounting. On the yearly general members meeting, they will give advice regarding the discharge of the board and they give a report on the carefulness with which the financial matters are dealt. This committee is led by the treasurer.

Material committee

De material committee makes sure the club material is in good sate, and safe to use. While the material commissionar remains responsible, the material committee helps with reparations and periodical maintenance. The most important function of the material committee, is to preserve knowledge of the material in the club.