Café de Minnaar

Café de Minnaar (in de Kleine Rozenstraat) is the cozy, favourite bar of Calamari. Located at walking distance from the city centre, it is almost midway on the route of the swimming pool – city centre. Thursday night is the standard pub night for Calamari, but Mondays after training the pub is regularly visited by Calamarians as well.

De Minnaar serves the beers Lineboom, Franziskaner, de Koninck and La Chouffe of the stud. Hertog Jan, Grolsch, Westmalle, Duvel, Orval, Kriek and Bittburger are available in bottle. However, the best beer is a beer from brewery Martinus, off course! Also, they serve a beer of the month.

For members that are hungry after training, de Minnaar serves grilled cheese (with ham) sandwiches, cocktail nuts, nachos with chili sauce, and a cheese platter with optional dry sausage and salami. For very hungry people, we have snackbar SIM located at 50m distance from de Minnaar. Many members are well-known to the temptation to get some fries (with snack) over here before the beers are ordered. (Most of the times, eating your SIM-food near de Minnaar is no problem, but you have to ask the personnel first!). Lately, however, a large group of members have their diner straight after the Thursday training at the ACLO sports centre before biking towards de Minnaar.

Website: Café De Minnaar