Swimming Pool

Willem Alexander Sportcentrum

All regular trainings take place in the swimming pool within the Willem-Alexander Sportcomplex (WAS) at the Zernike campus.

Travel directions

To get to the swimming pool by bus, one can take line 1 from the Grote Markt, line 1 and 15 from Groningen Central Station or line 2 from Station Europark/Noord.

At the Zernike Campus, the WAS is indicated as building S (in red) for bikers and pedestrians. The (sheltered) bicycle shed is directly left upon entrance.

Cars can follow the (blue) P4-signs, which leads to the parking place located at the backside of the building. Parking is free during training times.


Willem Alexander Sportcentrum
Zernikeplein 17
9747 AS Groningen

Map of Zernike