Memberschip registration is open during the entire year. The open water training starts each year after the start of the academic year. If you don't have a diving licence yet, this is the best time to join. During this time we organize the introduction period to introduce you to the association as smoothly as possible and new members can purchase snorkel equipment with a discount, go out for dinner with the board and the other members and participate in the new members trip. Plus, the snorkel training will then also take beginning divers/snorkellers into account.

It is possible (and recommendable) to join us for an intro-dive or an intro-training (for free!) before you become a member. Contact the secretary to sign up!

Since 2012 Calamari offers underwater hockey again. Due to this there are 2 types of subscription; the diving member subscription and the underwater hockey subscription. With a diving member subscription, you can both participate in diving activities as well as practice underwater hockey. With an underwater hockey contribution, you can not participate in diving activities, but you can join all other training moments and activities of Calamari.

You can become a member by filing out a complete registration form, which you can download at the bottom of this page. The registration form consists of two parts: personal information and the direct debit authorization form. These forms can be handed to the board members or can be dropped of at the ACLO building. You can always contact us to make an appointment

Becoming a member has the following benefits:

  • Access to all diving courses; ranging from CMAS 1 star to 2 star instructor.
  • Guaranteed 5 diving weekends to Zeeland for a fixed price, during which you can dive in Zeeland.
  • Access to the well-known Calamari Underwater Biology Course for a reduced price.
  • Swimming training twice a week; Technique / Diving training and Underwater hockey / Stamina training.
  • Use of club equipment (Diving tank, regulator set, stab jacket and weights).
  • Storage of your own personal gear in our club storage unit.
  • A sociable and active diving club!

If you have any questions regarding the membership, you can contact our secretary.

The registration and SEPA authorization form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Financial summary membership

Costs if you want to follow a course for a 1* certificate:

€ 67,50 Club contribution
€ 52,41 Contribution Dutch Underwater Sports Union (NOB)1
€ 27,50 1* certificate card
€ 22,50 Education costs2
€ 169,91 Total

Costs in case you already have a diving certificate:

€ 67,50 Club contribution
€ 52,41 Contribution Dutch Underwater Sports Union (NOB)1
€ 119,91 Total

Already have a license, but you want more?:

€ 27,50 2* certificate card3
€ 27,50 3* certificate card3
€ 12,50 Education costs4

Costs in case you only want to participate in underwater hockey (no competition):

€ 35,00  Underwater hockey contribution
€ 35,00 Total

Costs in case you only want to participate in underwater hockey (including competition):

€ 35,00  Underwater hockey contribution
€ 52,41 Contribution Dutch Underwater Sports Union (NOB)1
€ 87,41 Total

1 The NOB contribution is including a collective insurance

2 Education costs for the 1* certificate are charged every eductional year. For every year after the first that these costs need to be paid, a reduced price will be charged of €12,50.

3These costs are determined by the NOB and can be slightly off the actual price, despite regular updates.

4 Education costs are charged for every new certification (2* en 3*)

If you have any questions regarding the costs of other specialties or any other questions, don't hesitate to contact the treasurer via our contact page


Calamari's financial year runs from October 1st until September 30th. This is the period for which you'll pay contribution. The contribution consists partly of club contribution and diving education costs.

The diving education costs finance the courses for your diving certificate, which are only €22.50. Everyone who takes part in a course pays the yearly education costs. For every course you partake in, you'll have to purchase an instruction book with a certificate card which allows you to obtain your diving certificate.

Calamari members who are a member of the NOB (Dutch Underwater sports Union) via a different diving club will pay the union contribution via the club that they joined first. If that club is not Calamari, you'll only pay Calamari's club contribution. This is also the case when you're a member of a different diving union.


If you want to stop being a member of G.B.D. Calamari, you'll firstly have to notify the secretary via e-mail. He or she will forward this to the treasurer, so he or she can stop the automatic direct debit transaction of the club contribution. There will also be a deregistration of the NOB membership. If you indicate you would like to become a donor of the club (which most people do), you'll be registered as a donor in the members file.

Important: The financial year of G.B.D. Calamari runs from October 1st until September 30th, so keep in mind you have to notify our secretary of your deregistration before October 1st! That way, we can make sure that the automatic direct debit transaction will be stopped in a timely manner. The financial year of the NOB runs from January 1st until December 31st, so if you indicate to want to deregister before October 1st, it gives us plenty of time to also cancel your NOB-membership.


ACLO Sports Card

As a member of Calamari, it is mandatory to have an active ACLO Sports Card. In 2017-2018, you can "ACLOtivate" your student card for €59,95 if you're a RuG or Hanze student.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Activate your student card on the ACLO website via the "purchase ACLO Sports Card" link. You can pay the sports card with iDeal internet banking. The log in information on the ACLO website is the same as what you use for Blackboard.
  • If you are unable to pay via iDeal payment, you can purchase the ACLO Sports Card locally at the ACLO service desk on the Zernike complex (Blauwborgje 16).

Do not wait too long to purchase the ACLO Sports Card! Make sure you have one before October 1st. The ACLO checks if all the members of different sports clubs have a Sports Card. If this is not the case, a fine of €10 per calender month will be charged until you have purchased the ACLO Sports Card. If you become a member later during the year, you'll have to purchase a sports card as soon as possible.

Download this file (Registration form GBD Calamari.pdf)Registration Form[PDF]85 kB
Download this file (Recurrent Authorization for debits SEPA.pdf)Direct Debit Authorization Form[PDF]122 kB