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Introduction-period 2018

This year there will be organized an introductory period for our new (also less new) members. The introduction-period is specially organized for the new members to get to know each other and the rest of our club and the other way around of course, so come and join us on these activities! Bellow the schedue:

Loolee tournament, underwaterhockey

Sunday 30th September 2018,   Some semi-hangover heads of our underwaterhockeyteam are having breakfast in ‘de Belg’ in Almelo. It became a tradition of Calamari and Galathea (Almelo’s team). The food and drinks spill after playing the Loolee Tournament until the last ours in the Pub, so a nice breakfast is very adequate. Saturday was the time, the first tournament of the season; it was a...

Extra intro dive day

Due to popular demand we have organized an extra intro dive opportunity on Monday the 8th of October. Have you always wanted to learn how to dive? Now is your chance! Sign up by clicking here! Hopefully we'll see you soon in the swimming pool!

Club holiday l'Estartit 2018

Last summer holiday, a group of Calamarians resided for 10 days in the sunny l'Estartit, in Spain. It was possible to scuba dive in the the beautiful reserve at the Medes Isles with watertemperatures between 20-25°C where a variety of sealife could be seen. Obviously, a lot of Cerveza was drunk too, day trips were made and quite some nights were spent on the beach. The complete story, including...

Training hours 2018

This week we started with the first training already. How time flies. This year we even got an hour and a half of training time. Extra time to work on those holiday weight gains! This year the training on Monday is from 19:30 - 21:00 and on Thursday from 18:00 - 19:15.

Information in response to interest during sport market

Dear KEI-participant, Just now an email with information has been send to anyone who has shown interest in scuba diving and/or underwater hockey during the sport market last Wednesday. Did you not receive this mail (and is it not in your spam folder) but did you sign up to get it? Please contact our secretary through the contact page and you'll get the mail sent once more. Did you miss us last...

Try out underwater hockey for free!

Are you curious about underwater hockey? Or are you a swimmer or diver who is looking for a new challenge? Then underwater hockey may be the sport for you! It is a physically intensive underwater sport played on the bottom of the swimming pool with a stick and puck. Matches are played 6 against 6 during which you try to score together with your team. Do you want to learn how to shoot, turn,...

Dates for intro dives

In September and October you can join us for introduction dives again. Did you always want to learn how to dive? Can you already dive but do you want to get familiar with our association? Or do you just want to see if diving is something for you? Then join up for our intro dives and come and make a dive with us in the swimming pool. The intro dives will start with a short presentation about our...

Want to know more about G.B.D. Calamari?

Are you interested in diving into the deep next to diving into your studies. In September and November we organize various intro activities, so that you can get acquainted with diving and with GBD Calamari. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date. Once the data is known, you will receive more information from us. We can also be found at Sportplaza during the Keiweek (August 15). Come to...

UVO Fisheye Tournament

Last month a few of our underwater hockeyers joined in the first tournament organised by association Fisheye, Utrecht. We had to celebrate because the association turned one on de 2nd of june. Because they where so new in the underwaterhockey world, they organised a potluck tournament. With a potluck tournament all the players have to sign up individualy, at the level that was most fitting tot...
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... you can dive all over the world with a diving license from Calamari? Our Diving licenses are accepted internationally !

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