UVO Fisheye Tournament

Last month a few of our underwater hockeyers joined in the first tournament organised by association Fisheye, Utrecht. We had to celebrate because the association turned one on de 2nd of june. Because they where so new in the underwaterhockey world, they organised a potluck tournament. With a potluck tournament all the players have to sign up individualy, at the level that was most fitting tot heir experience. The options where: Goldfish, Otter, Sea Lion or Shark, with Goldfish being beginners level and Shark the highest level. They tried to devide the teams as fair as possible. This didn’t work out for aal of the teams, but in general they did a pretty good job. Thomas and Romy where in the same team, amongst some other unknown players. Wycher and Kim also together in a team and Demi G represented team Groningen all by herself.

After a fierce fight in the pool we finally got a rest and a delicious plate full of pasta. When we finished our food it was time for the results. The team that Wycher and Kim where on got the most beautiful prize; the Shark (being the consolation prize.) Romy and Thomas got the Goldfish (they won the most matches.)  Demi G and her team had almost won the prize for the best cheer but they had to settle for second. It was a succesful potluck tournament, we met a lot of new players and we have learned a lot from all the different techniques.