Want to know more about G.B.D. Calamari?

Are you interested in diving into the deep next to diving into your studies. In September and November we organize various intro activities, so that you can get acquainted with diving and with GBD Calamari. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date. Once the data is known, you will receive more information from us. We can also be found at Sportplaza during the Keiweek (August 14). Come to our stand to get acquainted and to inquire about the possibilities. The 1 * / open water training starts in November. In addition, there will also be the possibility in the coming year to follow further trainings (2 * / advanced / rescue, 3 * / master diver) and various specializations. In short, there are opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers within Calamari to further develop your diving skills.

In addition to diving, underwater hockey is also practiced. This team sport takes place at the bottom of the pool. The aim is to slide a lead puck with a short stick into the opponent's goal box. During the Intro you can try underwater hockey for free and without obligation by following trial lessons.

Some advantages of Calamari:

  • All diving courses; from cmas 1sters to 2sters instructor.
  • Possibility to play underwater hockey (competition)
  • At least 5 Zeeland camps per year at a fixed low price, where you can dive in Zeeland.
  • Annual club vacation to exotic places
  • Various cozy activities above water
  • Access to the well-known Calamari Underwater Biology Course at reduced rates.
  • Swim training twice a week; Technique / Diving training and Underwater hockey / fitness training.
  • Use of Club equipment (Bottle, car set, stab jacket and lead).
  • Storage of your own material in our material shed on the Zernike.
  • A cozy and active association.
  • 3-4 times a year our magazine "PD".

Hopefully see you on one of our (intro) activities.

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