Mudflat excursion

 Join the Science Committee on the flats!

During our dives we may encounter the most beautiful creatures that we could barely even dream of. As long as they have their water, they will thrive. However, once the water moves away with the tides, so do these beloved animals. Great! Now is the chance to move your attention to a whole bunch of organisms you normally wouldn’t see. At June 15th we will take you out on the mudflats of the waddensea during a trip of max 2 hours. You will get to know more knowledge about the importance of the waddensea, fun facts about peculiar organisms, what we, humans, use the waddensea for and so much more. If you want to join this adventure please make sure you wear/bring shoes that have a good fit and do not easily come of your feet (just a hint, diving boots). A towel and short trousers will probably contribute to your comfort on the way back. Times of departure and arrival back will be communicated once the location is confirmed (to give you an indication, it will probably last from 13:30 – 17:00). If you are joining and you have a car available, please tell someone from the science committee. If you are keen to join this adventure, sign up!

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The Science Committee 

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