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Training has started again!!

Hopefully, you all had a great summer holiday! The academic year has started again, and that means that the WAS has opened again. We are allowed to train again at our normal times (Monday from 8:45 PM and Thursday from 6:00 PM), but the rules and measures we had before the holiday will mostly remain. This also means that we will be working with a registration system for each training. As before, you must register on the site at least 24 hours before the start of the training.

To sign up for a training, you have to go to the agenda on the protected part of the site: so you have to log in first. Because the introduction dives and underwater hockey trials will also be organised, you may see some new faces in the pool. Our first week of trainings, however, will be for Calamari members exclusively.

When you have signed up, you will be informed at least 4 hours before the start of the training whether there is a place for you during the training. We will try to do this as soon as possible when we have that overview.

We are working on an updated version of the swimming protocol. If you have registered for a training you will receive the latest version as soon as possible.