WC’s movie night – ‘My Octopus Teacher’

As a current member of the WC committee, I hope you will appreciate my (mostly) unbiased retelling of this years’ WC movie night:

The movie night was hosted in the auditorium of the WAS. The rows of chairs in this room are placed as in a movie theatre, which excellently contributed to an authentic movie-going experience. To add to this vibe, we had started the night with blaring movie commercials, which in my opinion really set the tone. When people finally started to get anxious for the actual film, we booted the authentic taping of ‘My Octopus Teacher’ up from a good ol’ Netflix account.
However, no movie-going experience is perfect without snacks! Luckily, the WC had thought about this as well, and had brought the equipment to prepare fresh popcorn and heated chocolate milk (with whipped cream!). As this picture will show you, it was an exquisitely cosy venture: