Material Committee at work

On a rainy 15th of January 2023 the material committee gathered at the Hok to do some handywork and improve the place!

The objectives for the day were two: fix a cracked piece on the flywheel of the compressor, and install a water pipeline that crossed the fence to make it easier to hook up the water for washing our diving gear. The meeting was also a way for Pieter to “pass the baton” to Greetje, as this was his last act as material commissioner, and we also welcomed Koen in the material committee!

After everyone had arrived, and after some quick fixes to a couple of malfunctioning regulators while waiting for the rain to cease (which it never really did), we split up the work: Pieter and Alessandro would carefully take apart the compressor’s flywheel to replace the broken part, while Greetje and Koen braved the elements to unwind and fix on the ground the tubes Pieter had brought. In the end we found out that the flywheel of the compressor was held together by a clever mechanism that we couldn’t open, so Klaas, a true gentleman, came to the rescue with his brilliant compressor knowledge in spite of the rain, and thanks to his help we managed to fix everything!

At the end of the work, compressor rebuilt and pipeline installed, we said goodbye to each other and went home satisfied, knowing that we all had fun spending a nice and productive afternoon together, in spite of the Dutch weather.

While installing the water pipeline we also got to see Pieter’s outstanding skills as a musician, as you can see in the picture. As he said himself, a true virtuoso!

 By Alessandro