The latest news of G.B.D. Calamari

Let's get digital!

After saying goodbye to our April and May camp, the activity committee is considering how we can continue our contact with fellow calamarians over the internet. Besides the springtij-question-moment, there are already some other plans, but if there are members outside the activity committee who have a good idea to entertain fellow calamarians in the near future, please contact me! Then we can put the plan in action together. (Josephine , +31 6 31398027)!

May and June camp

Unfortunately, due to the extension of measures against the spread of the coronavirus, both the May and June camp have been cancelled. If you have already signed up for this camp, your registration will be deleted. For the time being, the September camp will continue. You can sign up for this. If the measures are extended again, and the September camp cannot go ahead, your registration will be cancelled. This way, you can register without worries, whether it continues or not. 

WAS & swimmingpool closed due to corona virus

Due to the COVID-19/Corona virus, the ACLO sports center and the Willem Alexander Sports complex (WAS) will be closed until at least April 10th. This means that all planned training sessions on the Mondays and Thursdays will not take place until then.Unfortunately, all dive course activities and theory lessons (open water, advanced open water and dive master course) have also been postponed until further notice. Everyone will receive a new schedule as soon as we know more.

Dates for intro dives

Did you always want to learn how to dive? Can you already dive but do you want to get familiar with our association? Or do you just want to see if diving is something for you? Then join up for one of our introduction activities in September. Make your first dive with us in the swimming pool, join in a regular training or try underwaterhockey. The intro dives will start with a short presentation about our association and will then be followed by an explanation on diving and the use of diving material. Afterwards you will take a plunge into the pool with one of our experienced diving...

Want to know more about G.B.D. Calamari?

Are you interested in diving into the deep next to diving into your studies. In September and November we organize various intro activities, so that you can get acquainted with diving and with GBD Calamari. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date. Once the data is known, you will receive more information from us. We can also be found at Sportplaza during the Keiweek (August 14). Come to our stand to get acquainted and to inquire about the possibilities. The 1 * / open water training starts in November. In addition, there will also be the possibility in the coming year to follow further...

Mudflat excursion

 Join the Science Committee on the flats! During our dives we may encounter the most beautiful creatures that we could barely even dream of. As long as they have their water, they will thrive. However, once the water moves away with the tides, so do these beloved animals. Great! Now is the chance to move your attention to a whole bunch of organisms you normally wouldn’t see. At June 15th we will take you out on the mudflats of the waddensea during a trip of max 2 hours. You will get to know more knowledge about the importance of the waddensea, fun facts about peculiar organisms, what we,...


Hello alll, We just got in the clubclothing so you can get warm and cozy after your dives! Send me a message so we can talk aboutwhen you can pick the clothing up 06-20336505   Love,, Your AC

The Last Game of the Year

Sunday April 7th we’ve played our last competition games of the season. Until now we have played fantastically, resulting in preliminary second place. Unfortunately the level of playing of our opponents was too high, resulting in two losses. As I am writing this, not all scores are known. We will, however, end up third or fourth out of thirteen teams this season, a result we are very proud of.

2* CAMP!!!

Hi Calamarians! As introduced by Danielle during one of the 2* classes and mail, we as a group will organise a 2* camp if there are enough people willing to join! This weekend, specifically organised to make 2* training dives, will take place in Zeeland from Friday, May 17th till Sunday, May 19th. In order to make sure there is enough interest and instructors for this weekend, please sign up here if you are going to join. Specific costs, planning, location, and so on will be defined later on and we might need your help to organise something too. For any questions text Kim at...