The latest news of G.B.D. Calamari

Information in response to interest during sport market

Dear KEI-participant, Just now an email with information has been send to anyone who has shown interest in scuba diving and/or underwater hockey during the sport market last Wednesday. Did you not receive this mail (and is it not in your spam folder) but did you sign up to get it? Please contact our secretary through the contact page and you'll get the mail sent once more. Did you miss us last Wednesday or were you unable to come but would you still like to receive more information? Then also contact our secretary and he'll provide you with all the information you need!

Try out underwater hockey for free!

Are you curious about underwater hockey? Or are you a swimmer or diver who is looking for a new challenge? Then underwater hockey may be the sport for you! It is a physically intensive underwater sport played on the bottom of the swimming pool with a stick and puck. Matches are played 6 against 6 during which you try to score together with your team. Do you want to learn how to shoot, turn, become more agile under water and/or enhance your lung capacity? Sign up and come enjoy a training with us on a Thursday night!

UVO Fisheye Tournament

Last month a few of our underwater hockeyers joined in the first tournament organised by association Fisheye, Utrecht. We had to celebrate because the association turned one on de 2nd of june. Because they where so new in the underwaterhockey world, they organised a potluck tournament. With a potluck tournament all the players have to sign up individualy, at the level that was most fitting tot heir experience. The options where: Goldfish, Otter, Sea Lion or Shark, with Goldfish being beginners level and Shark the highest level. They tried to devide the teams as fair as possible. This didn’t...

The WC is BACK!

"Hi, hello, long time no see!" "Yeah, that's right! How are you doing?" Welllllll the WC (Science Committee) is better than ever! We are with the three of us right now, but there is still room available for more committee members. What can you expact from us in this upcoming year? - The Pubquiz - The OWBO (UWBC - UnderWater Biology Course) - A real OWBO camp Furthermore we're planning lectures during the camps and some other exciting activities. To celebrate all these great happenings we would like to invite you for our movie night. We found a beautiful movie. We would like you to...

End of the year BBQ

Dear/crazy/voracious Calamarians, The end of the academic year approaches. To celebrate this most beautiful year, we invite you to join us for a scrumptious barbecue. Location: on the Hok When: July 5th at 8:00 PM Costs: maximum € 10.00 each, not including alcoholic beverages Deadline for enrolment: Tuesday July 3rd We will start quite late, because the last training of the year will end at 8:45 PM. This way, the most fanatic swimmers will be able to join the barbecue afterwards. Beer and wine must be turfed on the ‘streeplijst’ for 50 cents each. We would like to know if you have special...

COT update

The rescue day was a great success and we also finished most training weekends. Many stars have already been achieved. If you still have training needs, try to ask an instructor yourself for a diving weekend or possibly a weekday dive. Do not forget to check in the membership administration system that all your data is correct! See you underwater!

Changes due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG, or GDPR in Europe) will be maintained on 25 May. The AVG replaces the current Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). This means that the same privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union. This changes a number of things. Privacy rights are strengthened and extended and there is more responsibility for organizations that process personal data, including sports clubs. Because we also collect all kinds of personal data from members, donors, participants in events and interested parties. Because we take privacy seriously (and are forced by...

Underwater hockey course ACLO

In period 4b (from May 24) on the Thursdays we will give an underwaterhockeycourse for the ACLO-members. Enrollment will take place via the ACLO website. This clinic will be given (subject to change) from 18:15-19:15.

Training time changes

From upcoming Thursday (May 3) the time at which the training is being held will change. Instead of 18:15-19:15 the training will be from 19:45-20:45. Additionally, due to holidays several other changes have been made in the training schedule: Thursday, May 10 there is no training related to Ascensionday. On the 17th of May training will be from 20:00 due to the ACLO Athenegames. Thursday, May 24, the training is once again from 18:15-19:15 due to the Half-year members assembly. Monday 21 May there is no training related to Whit Monday. Thursday, July 5 is the last training for this...

G.B.D. Calamari has moved!

After some months of hard work to our new ‘loft’, it finally has become official. We have moved! The container has been transformed into a well-organized storage room for our equipment, that will be useful for the years to come. We would like to thank everyone who helped with in the building process. In the coming period, some final tasks have to be finished. Meanwhile, the ‘loft’ will be cleaned up. This will result in searches for owners of unlabelled diving equipment. More information about these searches will follow from the equipment commissioner. Questions regarding our new loft can...