Dive equipment

In order to go diving we need more than just enthusiasm and a cozy club. Therefore G.B.D. Calamari provides the majority of the equipment needed for safe diving. Cylinders of 10 litres to take enough air with you, BCD's to regulate buoyancy. Lead to be able to submerse and regulators to be able to breath safely under water and get air from the cylinder to your BCD. Our regulator sets are equipped with a pressure gauge, bottom-timer with depth gauge and a compass. We make sure our equipment is in good condition.

G.B.D. Calamari also provides a storage facility at the Zernike complex. We store the materials owned by Calamari there. As a member you have the possibility to store your own equipment here as well. Our compressor is stationed here as well. We use the compressor to fill the cylinders both in Groningen as during our dive weekends, since the compressor is mobile.

We try to keep diving affordable for students in this manner. The most expensive parts of your equipment (cylinder, BCD and regulators) are always available for our members. Due to this you only need to purchase personal equipment.

At the start of your dive training you need to purchase a part of your personal basic equipment. For the swimming pool part, this consists of:

  • diving mask
  • snorkel
  • swimming pool fins (closed fins)

The list grows when you are ready to start training in the outdoor water:

  • dive suit (7mm)
  • dive shoes
  • gloves
  • open heel fins
  • dive knife
  • dive watch/-computer

You need to pay attention to it that everything fits and is comfortable. Especially for the suit it is important that it fits well, otherwise it will not provide enough protection against the cold water. It's therefore useful to ask an experienced member when shopping for equipment. Here in Groningen you can buy the items at the Tuimelaar. Sometimes we organize a trip to BOOT, a big dive fair in Germany in January, where you can regularly buy equipment for stunt prices. It is also possible to buy dive gear second handed, often for less than half the new price. But be careful, because second-hand equipment is not always as well maintained and things like a suit should not be purchased without first trying it on.

When you go diving more frequently, your diving equipment will inevitably expand even further, for example with a diving lamp or a signal buoy. It's useful to try a lot and look what you like. Dive weekends are excellent opportunities to try out material from other members. As long as you buy your stuff at a real dive shop, you do not have to worry about the quality; You get professional advice in virtually all dive shops and centres and you are well helped. There are no "bad" dive brands; At the most, there will be a difference in how long a piece of equipment lasts and everyone has his own preferences.

For questions about equipment you can always contact the equipment director and the instructors.

Did you know...

...you can also become a member if you already have a license by PADI, SSI, IDD, or other international organization? You can even continue with a subsequent course. Everybody is welcome!

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