Stichting ANEMOON

Foundation ANEMOON

ANEMOON is a foundation that conducts research on marine (and freshwater) life using a big group of volunteers, including divers, who register their observations. One of their primary goals is following the changes in our ecosystems and finding out the best way to protect them.

In the past Calamari has already worked together with ANEMOON where we provided them with data of our sightings during dives. In recent years however the contact has become less active. That is why this year we are going to try to bring new life to the relationship between Calamari and foundation ANEMOON.


The MOO project (Monitoringsproject Onderwater Oever)

The MOO project started in 1994 and since then tries to document the changes in underwater life. Amateur divers have played a big role in the project by documenting their sightings and entering them into the MOO database. In recent times the MOO portal where you enter these sightings has had a big update which makes it easier to use. Since the B in G.B.D. Calamari stands for Biology, we are going to try to help ANEMOON by activating our members and providing foundation ANEMOON with valuable data once again.

At this point you might be asking yourself “This sounds like a lot of work; I can’t recognize a lot of species and I would rather just enjoy my dive, what is in it for me?”.  First off, I have to say that it isn’t much work and you don’t have to have extensive knowledge about species to collect useful data. Even if you can only recognize a single species ANEMOON would welcome your data. And second, here are a couple of advantages of helping foundation ANEMOON: 

  • Diving becomes more fun when you know what you are looking at and this is a good way to extend your knowledge of species.
  • ANEMOON provides charts where you can see where and when certain species are most likely to be seen in the year. These charts may very well be the key to end your sepia dry spell.
  • If you want to use the data for your bachelor, master thesis or other kinds of research, you can request data from ANEMOON .
  • And most importantly you can have a positive influence on the conservation of aquatic species.

Having said this all, the best way to get an impression of what it is like to collect data for ANEMOON is to experience it in the water. Initially there was going to be a lecture given by Julia van Beinum, who works for ANEMOON, at October camp but since camp sadly has been canceled, we are still working out the details. With the current standings around covid-19 we are not sure yet how this is going to take shape, but we will let you know as soon as possible. None the less I hope this year is going to be the first in many where Calamari and foundation ANEMOON can help each other, because it is in everyone’s best interest that our marine life is protected where needed!

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